Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Update - June 24, 2015

Hey everybody, 

This has been a pretty awesome week. We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Shelly and she is the wife of Jonathan who is a member. We were just going around McNary and trying to set things up with Less Actives. We knocked on Jonathan's door and he let us in. He was a little drunk again. He just found out his Uncle doesn't have much longer to live so that was hard on him. His wife was there with him as well and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to them. Shelly accepted it very well. We are going by tonight and teaching them and hopefully getting her on date to be baptized. 

We also had a lesson with another part member family. The non members name is Cody. We went over the Plan of Salvation with them. Cody got really happy when he heard that he could do the work and ordinances for those that have passed on without hearing about the gospel. I think that was what really got him feeling the spirit during that lesson. He wants to be baptized, but wants to wait until he knows a little more. He is amazingly prepared investigator. 

We had ZTM this week. A lot of what we covered was about the iPads and the Area Book app we should be getting. That went pretty good. 

We also met with a investigator. His name is Steve. We went over the restoration with him and his wife who is a LA member. They have a lot of questions which is amazing. He says that everything that we have taught him just makes sense. He really liked the idea of a prophet who leads and guides this church. He said that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever so why wouldn't we have prophets again. Hopefully next time we meet with him we can get him on date to be baptized. 

We also TTI'ed a guy named Warren. Warren is an interesting guy. When we started to talk to him he wasn't to interested, but we kept being persistent. Finally we started talking about the gospel with him. At first he didn't believe the Mormons actually believe in Jesus Christ. He didn't think that Prophets need to be on the earth after Jesus Christ. He goes to the baptist church and I think gets a lot of Anti Material there. He wouldn't even take a copy of the Book of Mormon. Every time we would resolve one of his concerns he wouldn't accepted. Every time we would share a scripture he would deny it. It was just kind of funny that he would have such strong beliefs against Mormons and yet he doesn't even know the bible that well. The purpose in me sharing this is that we have to study the scriptures and actually ponder on them and pray about them before we can deny or reject something. This man would even touch the Book of Mormon. We tried to tell him of the importance of reading and asking God if it was true and yet he wouldn't do it. That is the only way we can know truth is by asking God and studying it out in our minds. It just amazes me how much people actually reject something just because someone told them bad but maybe untrue things about it. This can relate to anything in life not just religion. We have to actually learn about things and not just take peoples words for it. 

Well the work is definitely moving forward. This week we are going on a bunch of exchanges with the district leaders and other missionaries so it should be a good week.

Well I love you all. Keep being awesome.
Elder Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy
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