Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekly Update - 01/18/2016

Hi Everybody,
Things are going really good here. We have had a lot of less active work recently. Sadly a lot of our investigators have moved out recently. So that has dropped that work off a little bit. We had a really great turn out at the Family Home Evening in McNary! There where two families that showed up. Way more then the week before. Haha. Then we have a family that is preparing to go to the temple soon to do baptisms and Brother Ohlau is hopefully going to get the priesthood soon. 

We had a decent turn out at the Addciton Recovery Class as well. All in all it is definitely improving. The word is definately getting out as well. 

We had a lot of less actives and a pmf come to church which is the best. Everyone keeps getting me really trunky and stuff because most of them know that I am going home soon. Haha. So crazy. 

Well I will send some pictures too. 

Love you all,
Elder Kennedy

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekly Update - 01/11/2016

Hi everybody,
Pretty good week! On Monday we had the first Family Home Evening in
McNary. There were not a lot of people that showed up. We played games
and had a spiritual thought. Hopefully we can get some more people

Tuesday we had a fantastic day of teaching. We met with a Less active
man in McNary. He mentioned how he is reading from the scriptures
regularly now. We shared the video about New Years with him and
helping him focus on the future and not so much the past. We also met
with a part member family. It was the first time we met in a couple of
months. That night we met with the Ohlaus and talked about family
history and temples a little bit. It went pretty good! They are coming
to church regularly and are asking some really good questions. Then we
met with Albert and Amanda. We talked a lot with them about using
Christ Atonement in their lives and changing their ways. It was pretty

Wednesday morning we did some service with Esau Anderson. We helped
him chopped some wood in blizzard conditions! Then we went to district
meeting! After district meeting we went out to eat at a local Chinese
place! We had some pretty delicious sushi! Then we did a service for a
less active family! After all this we went to the Addiction Recovery
Meeting we helped started in McNary. We are getting pretty good
attendance right now!

Thursday it snow almost 2 feet here so we had to stay inside. So I
just did a bunch of family history!

Friday we did a huge service project. We had to dig out wood at the
Ward wood pile and then split it. We then delivered it to 2 different
families out in McNary!

We had a bunch of other lessons this week! Not much else to report on!
See y'all in a couple weeks!

Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weekly Update - 1/4/2016

Hello Everybody!
This week has been pretty crazy! Tuesday I was feels no pretty sick.
One of the elders serving in fort Apache was sick the night before and
stayed over and I got something from him. It was a sort of flu thing.

On Wednesday we did some service for a former investigator and then he
took us out to eat at the casino. They have a really good Buffett
there. Then went out and tried to invite some more people to the ARP
class that night. A good amount of people showed up for the class.

Thursday we had district meeting and then had a lesson with a less
active. It went pretty good. Then we did some weekly planning as well.

Friday we had a New Years party with all of the mountain zones. They
had basketball going on as well as some movies too! I mostly just
watched the movies. We watched The Cokeville Miracle first. Such a
great movie. Then we watched the movie inside out. That was a pretty
funny and interesting movie. We had some members make very one lunch.
We had lasagna, bread sticks, salad and cake. It was delicious.

Not much else happened. We got stuck on a snowy road for like an hour
Saturday night. So that is what the snow pictures are from.

Well I love you all!
Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250