Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly Update

Hey Friends and Families,

What is up? How is it going? I am alive and well.

This week we had Zone Conference in Payson, AZ. Some of the main focuses of it were on the importance of finding families to teach and the importance of Temples. We talked a lot about how focusing on the importance of temples when teaching investigators and less actives is much more afffective then just inviting to church. Learned that we really just need to begin with the end in mind. Our missions main focus right now is finding families to teach and we do that through being Diligent and obedient. Another "awesome" thing happened at Zone Conference. We got something called TIWI's installed in our cars. Basically what it does is report our driving habits to the Vehicle Coordinator. It tells us to slow down and tells us if we are being reckless. Our mission alone has spent over a million dollars on vehicle repairs so hopefully these will help lower down the reckless drivings in the mission. 

Also this week Elder Jackson (who was my trainer when I first came out) and I got to go down to the Mesa Temple and see a Recent Covert that we worked with down in Scottsdale receive his Endowments. It was such a special experience. 

On Sunday the Taylor Stake where I am serving was able to have Elder Maynes from the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder and Sister Frost, and our Mission President and his wife President and Sister Sweeney come up for a Special Stake Conference. They talked a lot about how we have a Prophet on the earth again. They mentioned this because there is some apostasy going on in Taylor of people thinking that there is no need for a prophet. So it was really good that they focused on Prophets. It was really good and spirit filled. They also challenged those who don't have a temple recommend to get one and those who haven't been to the temple before to meet with the bishop and set up a plan to go and get worthy to go. It was definitely a good challenge to some people there. 

So all in all a really awesome spirit filled week. Hope all is well with everyone. We get transfer news on Saturday so I may be going or I may be staying. Only time will tell. 

Well Love you all!
Elder Kennedy

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekly update

Good Morning Everybody,

This week has been pretty good. The Family That we are teaching is progressing pretty well although their son did not attend the lesson this week. We taught them about Obedience and the Word of Wisdom this week. The lesson went super good. They both have a problem with Tea and Coffee, but we committed them to pray about the Word of Wisdom and really sincerely ask if this commandment is from God. They said they would. The spirit was definitely there and the husband actually got involved in the lesson a lot more then he normally would. They are both so spiritual and want to be on the path that God wants them to be on. 

We had Zone Training Meeting this week. It was super good. They talked a lot about changes that are happening in the mission. A lot of it is for the better.

We were able to help with 3 service projects this week. We delivered a huge load of wood for a Widow and then did some weeding and such for a older couple in the ward. We shared Mosiah 2:17 a lot this week trying to get a little bit more service projects. We were also able to help a older couple who just moved from Oregon to Taylor get their stuff moved into a storage unit. They are a super awesome couple who are in their 60's and just got married last year. We also were able to give her a blessing because of some pains she was having in her knee. 

This week we got to clean the Snowflake Temple with the YSA branch. I was surprised at how many actually showed up. There was at least 16 or 17 from the Branch. I loved being able to clean the temple. It is just so peaceful in the temple. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!

For Valentines Day we went over to a families home and they taught us how to make Chocolate Roses and really awesome valentine day cakes. Super Delicious.

Well it has been a pretty good week. Hope all is well with y'all.
Elder Kennedy 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekly Update - Year Mark

Hey Everybody,

This has been a pretty good week full of service. This is the most service we were able to do in a long time. We were able to help a older couple paint the front of their house. 

The Family that we are teaching have decided to be baptized in June. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Drake the mother got very emotional when we read Mosiah 18:8-10. She started to cry and was feeling the spirit so much. She said that her husband and her already do all of this. It was a really spiritual lesson. Their atheist son is warming up a little bit as well. We also invited them to walk the temple grounds with us and to just feel of the spirit there. They agreed. They are such an awesome family though and are progressing so much. You can really see a difference in them as they are learning more of the gospel and are making the temple a priority now and after they are baptized. So blessed to be able to help them. I know that the spirit is the true converter though as I have seen with this lesson. 

Well I love you all, 
Keep being awesome.

Elder Kennedy

Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Update

Hey Everyone,

The Weather has just been fantastic here. like 50 to 60 degrees everyday! Just loving it. Just Realized that in one year I will be home. February 1st. It has gone by so fast. Crazy!

This has been a pretty awesome week. We were able to teach a family twice this week. They accepted an invitation to be baptized and are praying about a date right now. We were able to have a lesson at the bishops house and also at another families house. They are making the temple a goal for after they get married and are reading the Book of Mormon daily. They are also very proactive in trying to get their atheist son to read. He finally did read the Book of Mormon on Saturday. They seem to be doing really well and we have another lesson set on for Thursday. 

The Mission President challenged us to bear our testimonies in every ward that we cover this fast Sunday. So I did. It seems like every time you bear your testimony that it gets strengthened. That definitely happens when I share mine.
We were able to meet with a lot of less actives this week as well. Really good week. The Lord is defiantly helping us and guiding us to those who are prepared.

Hope all is going well with yall. Keep reading Preach My Gospel and helping the missionaries as well.

Love you all,
Elder Kennedy