Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Update - Happy Mothers Day!

Hey Everybody, 

This has been a pretty good week. Monday we made cookies and brought them to some of our leaders that we work with. That went pretty good. We saw a double rainbow as well on Monday. It was so cool because we saw both ends of it. One was landing right onto a tree. It reminded me of the Tree of Life cause there was a river running just right by it. We are meeting with 2 teenage girls Nikki and Brooke. We were able to go over the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Nikki wants to be baptized and is praying about a date right now. 

On Tuesday we started teaching a Foreign Exchange Student from Poland or Germany. One of the Two. She cant be baptized, but she wanted to learn more. We went over the Restoration with them. It went pretty well. That night we went to the Temple with one of our wards and helped cleaned the Temple. Super Fun. 

On Wednesday we had a lesson with Bryce and Jada Johnson. We finished teaching what was left with them. Then that night we had a lesson with the Drakes. She wasn't feeling to well so we gave her a blessing and explained the priesthood to her. They are both super excited about their baptismal date on June 6th. 

On Friday we had Zone Conferences in St. Johns. We talked alot about the higher law. How we need to learn the doctrine and principles behind commandments and then we will follow the law. Like when Joseph Smith said "Teach them correct principles and then let them govern themselves." Since we are getting Ipads on the 19th he wants us to be changing our nature and doing things because we know its right. We also got triple grande big jakes from el cupidos. They are literally as big as our arms. So huge. 

On Saturday we had a whole bunch of service. We helped painted a Non Members kitchen and dining room. That was fun. Then we went to a less actives home and helped paint the out side of their house. Then we went to a members home and helped on his farm that he had. We then had a lesson with a less active that we started working with. She has a son that is going to be getting the priesthood soon. We went over the restoration. It went super awesome.

On Sunday I got to talk to my family. I think they are doing good. Haha. So good to hear from them. I got the Best parents in the world. 

Well I love you all. Keep being awesome and hold to the Rod. 
Elder Kennedy

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weekly Update

Dear Everyone, 

This week has been kind of a tough week. It is funny how Heavenly Father blesses you with good times, but then right after those good times he gives you struggles. That has happened this week. I was feeling good, things where moving along, our investigators where progressing, then Elder Bumgarner got sick. So we were out a couple days this week. Then we had a lot of appointments set up with investigators and almost every single one had to cancel on appointments this week. That was really depressing. Then only one of our investigators actually came to church. That was even worse. I am trying not to get discouraged because I have seen this before on my mission. The Lord always gives us trials, but these trials are just there to help make us stronger. We are just going to have to rely on the Lord and get to work. I truly do care for these people that we are working with, so that is why it hurts me a lot when they don't keep commitments. I know though that this is the Lords work and that when we rely on him he can let us know what these investigators need to progress the most in this gospel. So that is what we will do ... Trust in the Lord. Alma 36:3 tells us when we trust in the Lord he will support us in our trials, troubles, afflictions. He will not take those things away from us, but will SUPPORT us in them. So I hope to be able to be worthy of the Lords help and support during the times of trials.

We will just have to work harder to help these people that the Lord has blessed us.

Elder Kennedy