Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekly Update - Week 44 Merry Christmas

Hey Everybody, 

How is it going? Things are going pretty good here. We were able to go on exchanges with Elder Hofman, who is a Assistant to the President, which was super amazing. He is an awesome Elder. Learned a lot of good things from him. While on exchanges we were able to be led by the spirit to a women who is a member of the church but hasn't been back in a couple of years. The first thing she said was "I am not coming back to church." I feel though that maybe with a little persistence and love that her and her family will come back. All of her children are old and are still active in the church. Its just her and her young daughter and there non member husband that are not active. She definitely has some potential though to come back to church. 

We were able to go to the temple on wednesday. Super awesome. I love the temple so much. Brings me such peace and happiness. 

Watch the video on to get into the real meaning of Christmas. share it with all your friends. Such a good video.

Well I hope you all have a merry christmas. love you all
 elder kennedy

Weekly Update - Merry Christmas

ey Everybody, 

Hope you all had a Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

This was kind of a slow week, but we can still see the hand of the Lord in our missionary efforts. We should be picking up a new YSA investigator today. So that is super exciting. We were able to do the Cookie Finding activity with a the High Priest Group Leader in 4th ward. We were able to have them make cookies and we were able to deliver them to some of there non member friends on Christmas. We were just on overdrive with sharing the He is the Gift Video since the Christmas season is almost over. Just tried to share it with everyone: Active, Less Active, Non members. Just trying to get it to everyone. It was definitely a great tool in our missionary efforts. 

Got to Skype my family this week. So awesome to see and hear all of you!!!!
Christmas was just fantastic. Got a lot of things that I needed, but its not about the presents its about the real gift which is Jesus Christ.  
Well I hope all is going well with yall. Love y'all.  

Elder Kennedy

Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekly update - Week 44

Hey Everybody, 

Things are going pretty good here in Taylor. The work is kinda slow here, but with the Lords help we can start to pick it up and meeting the people that the Lord has prepared. This whole week has been going around and meeting Ward Leaders. They have given us some names to go by so we are trying to stop by all of them. Saturday I was able to go back to Eagar, AZ for a few hours to see someone get baptized that I have been working with ever since I got there. The family is the Taylor family and their daughter Summer got baptized Saturday. Hopefully the family can use this opportunity to make the steps back to church and hopefully one day go to the temple. They are a super fantastic family. 

Hope all is well with yall. If any of you have not been to the website 
I would suggest that you go and also to share it with all your friends. This website helps us focus on the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus Christ our Savior.
Love you all. If you want to send letters this Christmas time to me send it to

PO BOX 901
Taylor, AZ 85939
Elder Kennedy

Weekly Updates - Week 43

Hey Everybody, 
So on Monday I got transferred to a town called Taylor. It is about a hour away from where I was serving in Eagar. They made me District Leader here. Whoot whoot. I am really going to miss Eagar, AZ. I was there for about 7 months and they became like family there. I hope that I was able to accomplish all that the Lord wanted me to accomplish there. We were able to have a baptism the last Saturday before I left for a YSA name Bailee Goodman. It was awesome to see her get baptized because she was so prepared. Then Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all full of saying goodbye to people. Super sad, but also exciting to go to a new area. 

Well I hope all is well with everyone. I will give more of an update on Monday about the work in Taylor. Super Blessed to be here. 

Elder Kennedy

Pic 1 and 2
Bailee Goodmans baptism

Weekly Update - Nov 24, 2014

Hey Everybody, 

This week has just been full of Miracles. We were able to get 4 new investigators this week alone. To start off we finally got into a part members families home that I have been trying to work with since I first got up here. We were able to start actually teaching there daughter which she just turned nine in september I believe. They finally came to church sunday as well which is the second time they have been since I have come here. The Lessons are going super well for the daughter and she has a baptismal date for December 13th

We also started teaching a couple whose name is Kelly and Micah. She says she use to be a member, but now she is baptized in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Her boyfriend Micah is going to be baptized in the next couple weeks in the seventh day adventist church. We were able to start teaching the first discussion with them, but then through them asking questions we kind of got off topic. We talked to her about why she left the LDS faith. She said that she never really had a testimony of the church, but also said that she wants the LDS faith to be true because it is the one church that makes the most sense. So we do have some potential to work with for this family. Hopefully we can meet again this upcoming week with them. 

Another family that we just started teaching with seems super prepared. The other Elders tracted into them when they were contacting a spanish referral. There names are Chris and Shannon Morales. We were able to teach them the first lesson and we invited them to make the temple a goal. We incorporated a baptismal invite by explaining that in order to go to the temple one of the steps is that you have to be baptized by one holding the proper authority from God. He said that before the other Elders came Chris had been talking to his wife about how he needed to be baptized. He took us coming as a sign from God. Amazing miracle there. 

We also met with Nancy Ward who has a baptismal date for January 17th, 2015. We were able to teach the Law of Chasity to her and it seemed to go pretty well. Nancy also fed us dinner on Saturday and gave all the Elders a letter and a present. So sweet of her. 

We also met with Bailee who is our first YSA baptism in a while. She has finally stopped smoking and drinking coffee. She is getting baptized on December 6th and is progressing so well. She has a lot of fellow shippers.

Chris Adams just got back from Payson a couple weeks ago and we were able to take him to the family history center and start to do his family history. We were able to find his Grandfather and pulled up his Grandfathers obituary. Chris just started bawling. The spirit was so strong there. I told him that now we need to take his grandfathers name to the temple and do the work for him. Such an awesome experience.  

I feel like things are going super well in our areas and things are starting to pick up again! So blessed to be were I am at this time.

Love you all, 
Elder Kennedy