Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekly Update- 9/21/2015

Hey Everybody,

This week has been so spiritual. We had an investigator Steve Ohlau
pass his baptismal interview and we then went through the program with
him. He is so ready for baptism. We also had another investigator
commit to a baptismal day. Her name is Crystal Thomas. She committed
to October 24, 2015. She is so prepared and ready for baptism. Most of
her family is members already. If y'all could keep her in your prayers
she really needs them.

This week we got to go to the Snowflake Temple. I got to do the
endowments for Grandpa Kennedy. It was such a amazing experience.
Throughout the whole time I was feeling pretty good, but was not
feeling the spirit super strong. Then towards the end as we were
wraping up the session I felt just this huge overwhelming feeling of
happiness and love. I felt like he accepted it. It was probably one of
the times in my life that I felt the spirit so strong. I also had a
impression of how important family is and how they are always there
for you during the hard times and the good times. They love you
unconditionally. I know my Grandfather accept this work that was done
for him. The work is true.

One other amazing experience this week is we got to go to a fireside
for Travis Tuttle. He is one of the missionaries who got kidnapped in
Russia, which a movie was made about them called "The Saratov
Approach". It was such a awesome fireside. One of the things that I
really loved about it was how he applied during his talk his
experience to each of us. One thing that I really loved was how during
his experience he thought he was going to die. He had a mask over his
face and tape around his eyes. He heard a gun cocked then the trigger
pulled. He was thinking right before he died how much he loves his
families. He thought to himself that the only thing that really
matters in this life is the relationships we develop with our family,
friends and with God. That really touched me. So Mom and Dad and
Family just in case you didnt know. . . I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thanks for
all you do for me. I appreciate you making it possible for me to go on
 a mission.

Well I love you all. Keep being awesome.
Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekly Update - 9/14/2015

Hey everybody,
This week was so awesome. To start off on Tuesday or Sullivan and a
member went to a lesson with the Ohlau's. There they were able to
commit brother Ohlau to a baptismal date for September 26. We then met
with brother Ohlau again later on in the week and went over that
interview questions with them. He is so ready and already has a huge
testimony of the gospel.

On Wednesday we had our zone training meeting. I was in charge of
conducting it. We had a lot of really good trainings. The first one
talked about how Jesus Christ was always about doing the will of the
father. Then they related back to us about how we need to align our
will to the fathers. That as we do so we will able to see ourselves
grow and become the missionary God wants us to be. A lot of ZTM was
talking about aligning our will with the father. We also talked about
the millennial's which is us. Those between ages of 18 and 30. We
talked about the things that make us unique and the things that are
true about our generation. One of the things that they talk about is
how we need to be authentic and we need to be real with people. As we
talked about the millennial's and what makes us who we are we then
applied it into our missionary work and how we can improve it with
this knowledge. Then me and Elder Walker gave a training on leadership
qualifications and how each of us is a leader and what we can do
specifically to step it up. The reason we needed to talk about this
was because of a decline in baptisms for our mission even though we
have less missionaries. As a mission we want to step up the
qualifications for being a leader so that everyone else will be
elevated to a higher standard and level as well. All in all it really
helped me focus on what I can improve on and how I can align my will
with the father.

Also this week we met with the new investigator named Crystal. She was
a former from a while back and even had a baptismal date. She really
wants to learn for self if it would teach is true and she even
excepted a soft commit to be baptized. She truly has a desire to learn
for herself.

All in all it was a really awesome week. We are able to teach more
lessons then we have been able to in a long time. The work is flirting
greatly right now. We are seen so much success in our area. I am even
getting good at making balloon animals.

Well I love you all. Keep being awesome.
Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Update - 9/7/15

Hey everybody,

This week has been crazy. I spent about three days in my area because
of exchanges and mission leadership conferences I need to attend. It
was just crazy. On Wednesday we had district meeting and then that
night I went to another Elders area to start a changes with them.

The exchange just went really well. We did a lot of service because in
the area where they are there is not a lot of people but there's a lot
of jobs to be done.

Tuesday night we were to find two new investigators. Their two young
girls who belong to a less active family. They said they been baptized
already but I think it was in another church. Their grandma really
really wants them to be baptized and is pushing hard for them. We will
be meeting with him on Tuesday again so hopefully we can discuss more
about the priesthood and why it is important to be baptized by the
priesthood authority.

We also had mission leadership conference down in the valley this
weekend. We talked a lot about how we can be better leaders and how we
can be a better example to those that we serve. He says the success in
our mission starts with us.

Brother Ohlau one of the investigators we are working with who is the
most progressing came to church on Sunday again which is really cool
to see in there again. He opened up a lot at church and answered a lot
of questions in the gospel principles class.

I love you all. Keep being awesome. You rock. Love you.

Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekly Update - 8/31/15

Hey everybody,
This week has been kind of crazy. One awesome miracle that happened
this week was one of the less actives we are working with came to
church for the first time since I have been here. It was awesome and
he stayed the whole time. We have recieved a lot of referrals this
week and things are really moving forward. Another miracle is that we
Had a PMF we are working with actually come to church as well. It was
just a really awesome week. We had zone conference this week as well.
It was so awesome. We talked about the 2nd Coming alot and also about
being obedient. We also had 2 just serve representatives pump us up
more about the just serve program of the church. It was just really

Well I dont have to much else to report on. Hope all is going well
with yall. Keep being awesome.

Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250