Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Update - July 14, 2015

Hey everybody, 

How is it going? Things are going pretty good here. We spent a lot of 
time in McNary this week. McNary is a Apache Indian Reservation which 
we cover. It can definitely be frustrating deal with Apache because 
they are pretty lazy and uncommitable. We had about 3 appointments set 
up out there and all of them fell through. Apache just live day by 
day. The Ward that covers McNary is thinking about starting a FHE 
night out there in an effort to get more people active. McNary is a 
pretty cool place though. 

We had a lesson with 2 young girls out there though named Kamica and 
Haley. We brought the Young Women's President with us and got them 
started on Personal Progress. They are not members but want to be a 
good example to their dad who likes to drink a lot. We hope to be able 
to get the on date for baptism though. The Apaches like to drink a lot 
out here. It gets really bad at the beginning of the month when they 
get their checks from the government. We also picked up 2 new 
investigators this week in McNary, Danny Moody who is one of the 2 
black guys in all of McNary. He was really excited to hear about a 
prophet on the earth again. We also started teaching a man named Jimmy 
out their who met with missionaries when he was 12. He seems pretty 

We also met with the Ohlaus this week. The husband is still on date 
for August 1st and the wife is coming into activity. They were not 
able to make it to church this week though. They are doing so good 
though and have some really good questions. They really do have a 
desire to learn more. 

On Friday we helped with a service project at the high school here. We 
helped paint the inside. It now looks pretty awesome. We were able to 
talk to a lot of people there as well. 

This week one of our recent converts got the priesthood. It was so 
cool to see that. We were able to help explain it more. His wife and 
him want to get sealed in the temple in September and hopefully he 
will be able to go do baptisms for the dead soon as well. 

Well I love you all. Keep being awesome. 
Elder Kennedy 

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