Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Update - June 15, 2015

Hey Everybody, 

Things are going pretty good here. This week we were able to find a 
new Investigator in the Pinetop Lakes ward. His name is Cody. We were 
going over to teach a Less Active and her significant other (Cody) was 
there. Apparently he was meeting with missionaries down in Whiteriver, 
but then they stopped coming by for some reason. He is really 
prepared. We taught them the restoration and invited him to be 
baptized. He says that is something he wants to do. He hasn't set a 
date yet, but we hope to be able to set a date this next lesson. 

Also a Less Active that we are working with has quit smoking this 
week. He is starting to use Chantex and it seems to be going really 
well. We watched a video with him called "hope ya know, we had a hard 
time" It is by Elder Quentin L. Cook. Curtis started to cry a lot and 
expressed to us how hard it was to give up smoking. This video really 
helped him know that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are always 
there for us. Also he gave us his cigarettes and e-cigs to get rid of 
so that is what the picture is of at the bottom. 

We had a lesson with another Less Active that was drunk when we showed 
up. It was the one year anniversary of when his Aunt died. He was 
going through a really hard time as well. He just needed someone to be 
there for him. He is a good guy who just needs help from the Lord. 

This week we were able to go down to the Valley and have a Special 
Mission Leadership Conference with Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the 
Presidency of the Seventy and also Elder Tilleman of the 6th Quorum 
of the Seventy. It was just all of the Zone Leaders and Sister 
Training Leaders that were there. It had the feeling of a one on one 
with a General Authority. We talked about his recent CES Fireside he 
gave in May. It was awesome because we could ask him any questions we 

This week we also were able to go to the temple and I was able to 
bring over 70 names to do baptisms and confirmations for. It was so 
amazing to be able to get so much work done in the temple. The spirit 
was definitely so strong there. I love the temple so much. 

This week we also went on exchanges with the Assistants to the 
President. That went pretty good. For morning exercises we did disk 
golf which was pretty fun. 

Today we are gettting our hair cuts by the stylist who did madonnas 
hair on her Rouge tour he said. So hopefully it looks pretty good. We 
are also making Indian Tomahawks today and making really nice pens 
with our Ward mission leader. 

Well I hope all is well with you all. Keep being awesome and sharing 
the Gospel. 
Elder Kennedy 

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