Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Update - July 21, 2105

Hey everybody, 

Things are goin really good here. We are seeing some growth in our 
area and are trying to be bold with our investigators. As a result we 
got 2 new investigators on date. We are also seeing growth as we are 
contacting formers. It was really cool as we contacted one of our 
formers who seems really prepared. She met with missionaries last 
December And there was no drop reason given and so we decided to stop 
by and to see if she would be interested in meeting with missionaries 
again. When we her she had one concern about Joseph Smith. She thought 
we worshiped Joseph Smith we quickly resolved her concerns and she was 
enthused about hearing that. She said if the missionaries would have 
told her that before she would have been to church every week. She 
says she really wants to meet with us again and learn more. She said 
she wants to feed us dinner and invite her member friend over for a 

We also met with Steve who is planning on getting baptized soon as 
well. We went over the Word of Wisdom and also the law of chastity. It 
went really well. He is so prepared and his wife is making the steps 
to come back to church as well. I can't wait to see him get baptized. 

We met about 3 times this week with a new investigator named Jimmy out 
in McNary. It is a slow process with him because he had a brain injury 
a while back so it is hard for him to process things. We had to go 
over priesthood and why you need that authority to be baptized about 3 
times before he grasped it. He is a really cool guy though. Not 
progressing to much right now but hopefully soon. 

We also did a drop by visit this week to a PMF in McNary. The wife is 
the one who is not a member. She basically said when we should up I 
need to come to church and I need to get baptized. It is so cool to 
see someone so prepared. She didn't end up coming to church on Sunday 
because she got sick. We are going to be meeting with them on Tuesday. 

Well things are going good here. Hope yall are doing good. Love you all. 

Elder Kennedy 
6265 N. 82nd St. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85250 

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