Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Update - July 27, 2015

Hey everyone, 

This week has been crazy! Two of the days this week in the mornings 
were spent trying to get this huge stump out of this nonmembers yard. 
It was so hard to do. Eventually we had a calling back up and get two 
other elders to help us get the stump out. The non-member whose name 
is Jerry really appreciated as being willing to do from. He was 
wanting to pay us. We couldn't accept it obviously but we did accept 
Burger King gift cards. He tried paying two other companies to do it 
and none of them took it. So he was kind of in a bind and so were able 
to help them out. 

This week we were able to go on exchanges with the Eagar Elders. The 
area I served in before in eagar was whitewashed and so there are 
brand new elders in there. I was able to go with them on exchange and 
able to help them find people that didn't have much information on 
that I worked with when I was there and also got in contact with 
formers which I worked with and also recent convert and less actives. 
It was a really productive exchange and they felt like they knew there 
a lot better now. Well I was there though I was see you sad news that 
one of the recent converts are baptized when I was in eagar past away 
a couple months earlier. She was 90 years old so it was her time to 
go. She was having a lot of health issues and struggles and so it is 
good to hear that she is in a place of peace and rest at this time. 

This week we had baptismal interviews for Kamica and Haley who are 
two Apache girls that we are teaching. From the interview we now know 
that Kamica can be baptized this Saturday but haley is going to have 
to wait a week or two to get baptized. She just needs to learn a few 
more things. 

Brother Ohlau who is another person we are working with wants to be 
baptized on August 15. He is super excited to get baptized and is 
really prepared. Looks like we are going to be having some baptisms 

We also met with a couple named Isaac and Jeremy. We went over the 
restoration with them. They had a lot of questions which we were able 
to answer. We invited them to be baptized and Isaac says he will once 
he knows those hot is true. Jeremy has been baptized before in another 
religion. So she has some concerns about that when we told her that 
she needs to pray and ask God wether the priesthood or the authority 
to act in Gods name has been restored on the earth again and if it has 
and if she prays and knows it is true then she needs to be baptized 
and she agreed with that. Hopefully soon we can help them set a goal 
or date for baptism and we can help them get their answers. 

Well I love you all. Thanks for being awesome. 
Elder Kennedy 
Arizona Scottsdale Mission 
6265 N. 82nd St. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85250 

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