Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Update - July 8, 2015

Hey everybody, 

Things are going really good here. Sadly I had to send my other 
companion home because he was done with his mission. It was sad to see 
him go but it had to happen, but this last week with him was really 
good. We got an investigator on date for August 1. He is really 
prepared. We went over the holy ghost in the role of it. We helped 
him to recognize the Holy Ghost and the feelings he had when he read 
from the book of Mormon. That is what really helped him decide to be 
baptized. It was really cool because when he said that he wanted to be 
baptized his wife who was sitting next to him shouted I want to come 
back to church. She was just waiting for him to make the first move. 
It was really cool to see. 

We are doing a lot of work on the reservation too. We had a family 
that we've been working with come to church for the second week in a 
row. Last week we had two young girls who haven't come to church yet 
come. It's really cool to see the benefits and blessings of our 

We had MLC this week as well. They talked a lot about agency and 
responsibility. They mentioned that we need to be 100% responsible for 
the things that we control. We should not blame others when we do not 
see success but do all we can to ensure success. It was a really good 

We also had a fantastic Fourth of July. It started off with us helping 
Show Low by checking in floats for the parade. That was a good way to 
meet people and have them See us. Then we got to watch the parade. It 
was pretty cool. That lasted for about an hour then we went home and 
showered shaved and got ready for the day. We then went to panda 
express for lunch it was delicious. Then it pretty much rain for the 
rest of the day. Try to go contacting people but we got soaked. We had 
dinner with the bishop that night. He was having a barbecue and they 
invited families from the ward. 

On Sunday we went to church till about 12. Then we had to go home get 
Elder Sorensen's luggage packed into the truck and drove to Showlow 
where we dropped him off at. Then I went with Elder Anderson and 
Morgan to their area for the next two days until I got my new 
companion Elder Hinds. He is way cool. He is from Utah. Who would've 
guessed. But I did have a good time with Elder Anderson and Morgan. 
They are really good missionaries. It was really cool because we went 
to a young single adult activity and two people I work with in 
snowflake were there and I was able to reminisce of the good old 
times back when I served in Taylor and Snowflake. It was so good to 
see them. 

It is definitely a little bit stressful taking over an area after only 
being there for 6 weeks but I know the lord will help us through it. 

Well things are going good here and we receive miracles every day. The 
work is true the book is blue and where that red white and blue. 

Love you all, 
Elder Kennedy 

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