Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekly Update - 09/29/2014

Hey Everyone,

This week was a pretty fantastic week. Monday we were able to go over to one of our potential investigators house and the spirit guided us to start to talk to him about Prophets. We asked him a lot of questions to kind of open him up and share what he knows about Prophets. He believes that there should be prophets again. We testified to him that we know that the Lord has called a prophet again and invited him to come listen to him at General Conference. The Spirit completely guided our conversation with him. 

Another really cool thing happened this week. We went over to a lesson with one of our investigators Nancy Ward. Her grandson Tyler is on a mission in England and he is the only member of his family right now. Tyler Challenged each one of his family members to read the Book of Mormon by December, so we have been meeting with Nancy and reading from the Book of Mormon with her. Well for this Lesson Nancy invited her friend who lived below in the apartment complex to the lesson. Her friends name is Jackie. Jackie has known Mormons all her life and actually has family that have been sealed in the temple. Jackie is not a member though. Well for the Lesson Jackie played an essential role in helping Nancy understand what was been taught. Jackie was also able to support Nancy and add her own testimony of what was being taught and she is not even a member yet. Jackie defiantly has a lot of Potential. She has definitely been prepared from the Lord. 

Also, we got a referral for a Part - Member Family this week and we stopped by and set up a appointment for tonight. She is 9 years old and her family is not very active. We have been visiting with there dad since June. He has quit smoking, but he needs to start coming to church. We are going to use this time teaching his daughter to strengthen their family as well.  

Today we were able to see the movie Meet The Mormons before it came into theaters. It was probably one of the awesomest things I have  seen. One thing that this movie will do is clear up misconceptions about Mormons. I would definitely encourage you all to go see it and invite your non member friends as well. 

Well I hope all is going well. 
Love Elder Kennedy

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