Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly update - Oct 6, 2014

Hey Everybody, 

We have had a pretty good week. One of our investigators came with us to General Conference this weekend and really had an enjoyable time. He really enjoyed Elder Christofferson talk. Hopefully we can build off the spirit that he has felt as he listened to General Conference. Another one of our investigators was planning on coming to watch General Conference with us. We had a member that was going to pick her up and take her to their house, but Nancy gave the excuse of she had to clean her house. I was kind of sad that she wasn't able to make it because I know that session was meant just for her. As we watched the session there were things that were said that I know would have touched her. Things that she is struggling with and questions she has.

One thing I got personally from General Conference and the message I heard over and over again in the Saturday session is that we need to convert and prepare ourselves so we can be ready to help others when they start to struggle. This really struck me because as a missionary we need to become converted ourselves to the Gospel. We need to truly gain a testimony before we can help others gain one. 

The world is definitely going the wrong direction and we need to be truly converted so that we can be a help to others. We need to immerse ourselves in the scriptures, General Conference Talks and prayer each day. Once we become converted then we can help others come back to the boat (gospel) again. 

Well as some of you may have seen I got on Facebook this week. We have been approved to go on and clean out our Facebooks in prep for us getting Ipads soon. We cant chat or anything though. 

Well hope all is going well.
Love yall,

Elder Kennedy

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