Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Update - 10/20/2014

Hey Everybody,

This week again was full of miracles. We had an amazing lesson with Nancy this week. During planning for the lesson we were just going to go over repentance, but Elder Carr had the impression to also teach baptism and the holy ghost. So we followed that prompting and prepared to teach all three principles and ordinances. That night we had the lesson with her and the spirit was so strong. We had our WML with us. We stuck to our plans that the spirit directed and she kept opening up to us more and more. Our WML shared a story from his mission about a guy who had never felt the spirit before, but when the missionaries came over he could feel the spirit and knew that they were representatives of Jesus Christ. He asked Nancy if she believed that we were representatives of Jesus Christ. She said absolutely. At that point we started talking about when she has felt that we were representatives. She recalled a time when we gave her a blessing because she was going to go to the hospital. She said that she felt the spirit so strong and that when she went to the hospital everything turned out alright and the doctors were able to heal her. She attributes it to the blessing. After she shared her experience the spirit was so strong and I felt this huge impression to invite her to be baptized. I asked her if she believed that the priesthood authority was again on the earth. She said she did. Then I asked that since she knows that it has been restored would she be baptized. She said that she has already been baptized in the baptist church, but said that at the beginning of the year she would get baptized and join the LDS church. I don't think she truly understands the difference yet, but this was a huge step for her. She also came to church this Sunday which is the first time she has come in the many months we have been working with her. I think one of the biggest things I have noticed when teaching investigators is that you have to love them and truly desire their salvation. That is one thing that I have noticed when planning that as you love them the spirit will be there and share with you what you should teach. She is definitely progressing so much as we continue to teach her by the spirit and following spiritual promptings. 

So many good things happening here. At the end of this transfer I will have been in Round Valley for about 6 months and President Sweeney said I will most likely be here for a little longer. 

Awesome life being a missionary. 

Love yall.
Love Elder Kennedy

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