Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Update - Oct 13, 2014

Hey Everybody,

This week was full of miracles. We were on exchanges twice this week. On Tuesday, with Elder Murray, during companionship study we were preparing for a lesson with one of our investigators that we were teaching that day. We were planning on teaching the whole lesson of Gospel of Jesus Christ, but then we had the impression to just teach one point of it. Faith. As we were studying faith and thinking about some of the setbacks that she was dealing with, which include the fact that she hasn't prayed about the book of mormon, we had the impression to teach from the book of mormon about faith and how we don't receive a witness until after the trial of our faith. Well revelation kept coming throughout that companionship study and we really felt that the spirit was directing our thoughts and ideas to the needs of our investigator. We really felt prepared for our lesson with her.

When we went to the lesson we knew exactly what we were going to do and teach because we had heavens help. The lesson went amazing and the spirit definitely testified to her. Every point that we felt impressed to share from our companion study fit perfectly in the lesson. She committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She was hesitant before because she is baptist and that is all she has ever known. She also gave the closing prayer and gave such a beautiful prayer. That was the first time she has prayed out loud in a very long time. She didn't accept a baptismal date yet, but since that lesson I can definitely see her progressing and coming closer to gaining a knowledge of the gospel. That thursday she also was able to attend a FHE at our WML's home. They had a testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong there as well. Everyone was crying.

Another miracle that happened this week was on thursday on exchanges. I was at the FHE with nancy and elder hernandez and Josh (a priest) went on splits in amity ward. They were able to stop by a person that we have been trying to work with for a couple months now. They were able to get in. Just that morning in companion study we were able to practice inviting someone back to the temple. They were able to do that for this person and he accepted. That person was on church sunday and that is the first time we have seen him at church in about 4 months.

Well I hope all is going well. Love yall.
Elder Kennedy

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