Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Update - 09/22/14

Hey Everybody,

SO GUESS WHAT! On Saturday we got to go listen to Elder Nelson (Apostle), Elder Foster (Seventy), and Elder Hanson (Seventy). It was such an awesome meeting. We were able to shake hands with each one of these great men. Elder Foster talked about how we are the message. We can affect the people around us just by the way we are and act. That we can help our companions out just by being an example to them. Elder Hanson talked about keeping the end in mind when we are teaching investigators. Specifically focusing on the temple and how there are ancestors waiting on the other side that are praying for each one of us to do their work. Then Elder Nelson talked about becoming consecrated missionaries. He even opened up for questions from us missionaries. A lot of the questions were focused on recognizing the spirit more. It was a really awesome experience to be in the presence of an apostle. One awesome things that Elder Nelson said was that our mission was probably one of the best places to be a missionary because the church is well respected here and there was a lot of members who lived right next to a lot of non members. Definitely needed the boast of seeing an apostle. 

Well my new companion is Elder Carr who is from Alaska. He came up from Paradise Valley. His last companion was not the most obedient missionary out here. Woke up at 10 a m. Didn't really follow the white handbook. So Elder Carr is a little bit of a struggle, but we are working the bugs out of him. Definitely a work in progress. Have to reteach him the correct way.

Well so after 16 hours of driving this week for transfers and Elder Nelsons talk not a whole lot of other things happened this week. Things are defiantely going to start to pick up this week though. 

Hope all is going well. 

First Picture is of me and my new companion
Second Picture is of Elder Murray and Elder Hernadez

Love Elder Kennedy

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