Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Update - 9/8/2014

Monday - We had P-Day. We spent about an hour with our Recent Convert Lea McNeil (89 Year Old) listening to some old Gospel Classics on her turn table. That was a blast then we ate some cookies and Peanut Butter Pie that she made. That Night we went over to the Davis's House who is first counciler in the Stake Presidency and had FHE with the whole stake presidency. We do this every first monday of the month. This is a awesome time to get to know the stake presidency better and discuss the missionary work in the areas. Then we went over to Mitch Udalls house who is the Branch Mission Leader for the YSA and came up with a Branch Mission Plan. 

Tuesday - In the morning we had a lesson with a Less Active named Judy Miles. She was coming to church for a while in July, but hasn't come in a month so we went by and read Moroni 6 with her and committed her to come back to church. She said she would come back in 2 weeks. Whoot whoot. Something funny happened today while we were contacting a referral. We were walking up to the door and open the front gate to get in when their dog charged us and ran out the gate and down the street. So we are like what the heck just happened. We go up to the door and knock. She comes to the door we tell her we are missionaries. She gets super pissed and says she is busy right now. So we ask her is there a time we can come back. She says never. So after she is super rude then we tell her her dog escaped. Hehe. She then told us to go get it. So we try and get snowball ( the name of the Dog). He doesn't come to us so she comes out tells us to ride away and he will come back. So we did. Well yep. So that night we drove to Snowflake because we had to go to a zone conference in the morning. 

Wednesday - Zone Conference was good. They talked a lot about being bold and spent a lot of time on sharing the gospel online. They hinted a lot that we may be getting Ipads soon. Cross our fingers. Then afterwords we came back to Eagar. A pretty cool experience happened this week related to following the spirit. We had a time to go visit a Potential Investigator, but as we were out visiting people the spirit prompted me to go visit him at a different time. We followed that prompting and as we were riding to his house we found him walking down the street. We hadn't been able to catch him home for about 3 week. So it was a miracle to even see him. We started talking to him and he told us that he had read a couple chapters in the Book of Mormon that we had given him and said he wasn't very interested. He said he was a native and that is what he wanted to stay. We set up an appointment to come talk to him a little more. Then he told us that his brother was actually baptized about 4 years ago and hasn't been to church since. So he directed us to where his brother was. We started talking to him and invited him back to church. He said he was interested in come back. Then the spirit prompted me to invite him to come and listen to the lesson that we were having with his brother the next day. He accepted. I like this experience because it shows that when you start talking with someone and they are not necessarily interested, there is most likely someone else who needs your help. As long as you follow the spirit and be bold enough to invite, then that is all you can do. People have there free agency and all we have been called to do is invite. 

Thursday - Thursday night we went to play softball and then it started to pour and lighting. Since we are on bikes (because one of the Elders on bike broke his toe nail) we basically got shut in. 

Friday - Today was weekly planning so that took up a good portion of the morning and afternoon. Not much happened the rest of the day. 

Saturday - We met with Bishop Teeney this morning and talked about the missionary work in the Amity ward. Then we went to lunch at Sonic which was just delicious. That afternoon we visited with Bishop Poche and had delicious peach smoothies and Blue Bell Ice Cream ( So Delicious). Later we went to a Duty to God Kickoff for the Youth in one of our wards because Elder Orme my companion volunteered to play the piano for them. Then later we went to Mitch Udall and finalized our Branch Mission Plan. 

Sunday - We had Church from 8 to 2pm. We were challenged from our mission president to bear our testimony in each ward that we are over to gain member trust. So I did that for the Amity Ward and the YSA branch. That went pretty good. Then at 3 we had a missionary correlation meeting. We ate dinner at Garret and Lorie Whitings home and they made us Navajo Tacos. Then that night we went out on splits with the Amity Ward. We were able to stop by a LA member who was in a car accident about 2 months ago. He has to wear a Halo type thing around his head. Looks really painful. We were able to give him a blessing. Then I felt impressed like we needed to go and visited brother begay. We stop at his house and knock on the door. No answer so as we are walking away he actually shows up. We were able to talk to him and find out that he is actually leaving in November. He is around 50 years old and we usually play basketball with him. So we were able to fellowship him through basketball. 

Well I hope all is going well. Things are going stellar here. Love you all! 

Love Elder Kennedy

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