Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekly Update

Hey Everybody,
Monday : P - Day : We went out to the Wiltbank's Farm which is about 20 miles outside of Springerville. We spent about 2 hours fishing at a lake they have there and then we went looking at those old Indian Drawings that are on rocks. Then they made us this really good Bar B Que Chicken Dinner with really good potato salad.
Tuesday : We went to the Temple in the Morning. It was a really awesome session. Definitely need a time to just relax and focus on the savior. I was able to receive some revelation for myself on how I can improve as a missionary. That night we went out with our WML in the springerville ward delievering some cheese cakes to some Less Actives and recent converts and also inviting them to a FHE with our WML thursday night. It rained alot that night and we were completely soaked by the end of it.
Wednesday : Had to give a training in District meeting on accountability and how to work in unity with your companion. That went pretty good.
Thursday : Today we went on exchanges with the other missionary companionship. We were able to visit Lea McNeil (89 year old Recent Convert) and listen to some old Gospel Records with her. Tonight we had an FHE with the Quinlans. That seemed to go really good.
Friday : We did weekly planning today. That took a long time. Then we went to a Family Reunion with my Trek Parents (Justin and Alisha Walker) and watched the Trek video. They are some awesome people. They made us some amazing Enchiladas.
Saturday : We are on bike now because and Elder from the other area had to have his toe ripped off so they need the car for the next 2 weeks. We went out and made some visits. A member invited us to go and watch there sons 4th grade football game. We were able to talk with a lot of members there as well. We were able to go over to Brother Quinlan's house and finish a presentation that we are doing tomorrow for the Youth.
Sunday : Today we went to Amity ward first and we had to share a few thoughts about family and marriage to the bishops wife's youth class. That went pretty good. Then in Springerville Ward we gave a presentation about how to share the gospel online. There was a talk recently given by Elder Bednard called To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood. We kind of based our presentation on that. https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/to-sweep-the-earth-as-with-a-flood?lang=eng 
I would suggest everyone to read it. Also We shared a video called Because of Him https://www.lds.org/youth/video/because-of-him?lang=eng
We commited each youth to share this video on a social media site along with a short testimony about Jesus Christ.

Commitment : I want you all to go and share this video " Because of Him" along with a short testimony about what Jesus Christ has done for you.
Well I hope all is going well.
Elder Kennedy

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