Monday, March 10, 2014

Starting to love the members down here!‏

Hey everybody,

One big thing I am starting to realize is that the members down here start to become your extended family! These are the people who show you the most love down here because they know us. They are the only ones who actually love us, while everyone else here either try to avoid us or aren't nice to us. When we visit with members we really feel that love and learn to appreciate them more because they are all we got down here!

Now i wish they would do a little more missionary work down here, but i had a revelation during sacrament meeting this week to have a sort of how to begin doing missionary work workshop for them members. Show them how they can incorporate missionary work into their everyday lives. The members are the ones who have friends and family down here who they can introduce to the gospel! It can come from just saying I know you can be with your family again to those who have family members that have just died. Any number of ways that members can be apart of sharing the gospel. It shouldn't be a scary thing but should just be apart of our everyday life. We are just sharing what makes us happy and what brings us the most joy in this life. Like we have always said in this family it is just showing people where we get our happiness from. 
I have found a huge love for the Book of Mormon while on my mission! It has been a huge source of comfort on my mission! I love to read it and feel that peace from it!

I love how spunky the white head women are down here! They just say things how they are, but also make you feel special! They cook so good down here! Old people are they best because they can just say whatever they like and nobody can tell them differently! They are so awesome! 

Well like I said before members are the key to missionary work! The lord is hastening his work which now includes members and missionaries working together! Members are key because they are the ones their for the convert after we missionaries are gone. They are the ones who give us the people to go see. When we get referrals from members we take it seriously but also we know that with members referrals the investigators have an instant in with the church. They have someone who they can hang on to when things get rough and someone to ask questions to when they have one! 

Well I love you guys. Keep doing missionary work and keep feeding missionaries! We don't get fed that often so we really appreciate it when people feed us! Be nice to missionaries to! They face hardships all day long and yet still have a smile on their face! Keep praying for missionary opportunities and service! 

Love you all!
Elder Kennedy

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