Monday, March 17, 2014

Slow Week

Hey everybody,

This was a pretty slow week. We finished up the lessons with Kathy and now she is officially going to be baptized March 29th. Really exciting.

My companion and I did some rock climbing this week! We acidentally went climbing where you needed to be hooked up.We didnt know so we just climbed to the top. It was way dangerous cause if we slipped we would fall like 200 feet. It was fun though and definately a good experience.

Not much happened this week but we are hopefully going to get the members more involved in missionary work. 

We were invited to a High Priest Group Social last week! It was so fun! They had this meat that one of the ward members cooks in a pit or something. It was so good! They had a program which included 60+ year old people singing, dancing, and reading poetry! It was way cute! 

The Ward members are starting to get more comfortable around us and hopefully starting to trust us more! This sunday was a really cool experience because as we start to get to know the ward better they are starting to actually talk to us more! 

One of our recent converts "Joe Tambe" just got the Aaronic Priestood Sunday. We were suppose to be in the circle but we accidently forgot about it and was off doing something else. Whoops but as soon as we remembered we ran over and heard the last part of the ordination! It was really cool! We are trying to get him another recent convert "Ricky Leyva" more involved in family history so they can prepare a name to go to the temple with! That is one thing that is big now is getting the Recent Converts involved in family history so they can see the importance of the temple.

Luckily I was able to be involved alot in family history back home with the Stake Presidents Challenge and also involved with it at college to! Family History is so fun! 

Keep praying for missionary work in your own lives and keep doing family history!

Well I love you all,
Elder Kennedy

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