Monday, March 3, 2014

Another week gone by! - God has a plan for us!

Hey everybody,

This week was a little difficult just because it was easy to get discouraged because of some people! This week as we were making our rounds and visiting members when we came up on a family whose dad wasnt to nice! We were walking up to the door when he opens it and says what are you guys doing here. He then went on to yell at us and told us to never come back... I dont say this to have you guys feel sorry for me but to let you know that god has a plan for us. So I was thinking alot about this man and why he had so much anger towards the church and especially towards missionaries. I was praying alot and wondering why we had to meet this man. Well he has been on my mind so I told the sister missionaries about him and i found out that they know him really well. So I found out that he just completely hates the church and especially Elder missionaries. Not sure why but that is what I know... then i learn that his son actually wants to serve a mission for the church. So he is trying to keep the missionaries away from his son so that we dont "persuade him to go on a mission." I feel like the reason that this family was on my mind so much is so that i can help this mans son be able to serve a mission. The father lets the sister missionaries in from time to time and even feeds them but he never lets the elder missionaries in. So the sister missionaries are going to try and work with them right now and see if the son will come to church. If he comes to church then maybe we can talk to him and see what is up.  I dont know but i will see if I am able to help this son with Gods help. 

Well on a brighter note I got to see the Gilbert Temple Dedication... That was really neat to watch. It was cool because before it began they should on the projector pictures of it and of the inside of it. As i was watching it I felt the peace that i feel in the temple. It was really nice because just the day before i was feeling really discouraged from the father of that family. As I was watching it I had a huge yearning to go to the temple. And guess what We are going this week on my birthday! I am looking forward to it so much!

Something cool that happen was yesterday we got to listen to stephanie meyers speak... the author of twilight.. I guess she lives in the city right next to scottsdale! It was really cool to hear what the gospel meant to hear and how it has blessed her life. There was alot of non member there which was cool to see. 

Elder Jackson and I have two scheduled baptisms coming up.. One for Jan Agardy and one for Kathy Ainsworth! 

Jan is an amazing person. As we were teaching her she told us about how she came to know god exists by telling us about a time when she almost killed herself but was caught up in a light and saw jesus and sat on his lap! She said she felt so much peace and comfort that is indescribable. She then said that God speaked to her and told her she needs to be a person that talks to people who are about to die about jesus and his gospel. She was really prepared to meet us and join the church. 

Kathy has been attending church for 1 year now with her husband who is a member. She finally now has the desire to get baptized! This is way cool because she called us! We had been trying to get in contact with her since we got there and finally she called us and said she was ready. She will be baptized within two to three weeks!

Well i hope everything is going well for you guys! God does have a plan for us! I found a scripture that really gives me comfort as i am serving a mission. It is D&C 6:29-37 and also D&C 84:85-88. Read them and tell me what you think!
Love you guys so much, I am praying for you guys! Keep me posted on everyone! How is Cal, Grant, Sarah, and Anna doing... Lindsey said they were sick a couple weeks ago... are they doing better?
Love you guys!

Elder Kennedy

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