Thursday, December 31, 2015

Weekly Update - 12/28/2015

Hello Everybody,

This week was fantastic. It was just really super fun! On Tuesdays we were able to meet with a investigator. We had a really good discussion on worm concerns he has had of some things he has heard on the radio about the Mormons. It went really good and I could feel the lord guiding us through the lesson and helping us know what to say. 

This week The bishop for one of our wards wanted us to drop off some gifts for some people he determined. It went pretty good. Most of them accepted it, except one. I mean really who wouldn't want a free gift. We also had the opportunity to play Santa for a family. A family in the Ward bought a bunch of gifts for a family in need in the Ward. We had the pleasure of dropping off this huge bag of gifts to the family. The ones who provided it wanted it to be anonymous. 

We had a really awesome Christmas Eve with the Jacksons. They made a really delicious ham dinner. Then we played a couple games and watched mister kruegars Christmas. It was a fantastic night.

Christmas morning we went over to the halls home and opened gifts with them. They bought us a bunch of gifts as well. A lot of ties and socks as well as some memorabilia for Arizona. It was so nice of them. Then we ate breakfast and then played a game with them called cover your assets. It was super fun. Then we had the opportunity to Skype our family. It was super good being able to Skype them. They are all super truncky  meaning they are really excited for me to come home. After skype then we headed to the stake presidents home to say hi. Then we went off to our dinner with the Moses. The kids there really wanted to play ping pong with us. We whooped them so bad. They were only like 5 years old. 

Saturday I got kind of sick with a flu thing going around. So that was not fun! 

Sunday we had a awesome day at church. Then we had a awesome. Rear of the sabbath. We went to the Larsons for dinner. The dad is the seminary teacher here. They are super awesome. They made some really delicious Chinese food. They we went and finished off the day.

All in all it was a very productive week. Not to much in missionary work, but in celebrating Christmas. 

Well I love you all. Keep being fantastic! See y'all in like 36ish days. 

Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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