Thursday, November 12, 2015

Weekly Update - 11/11/2015

Hey Everybody,
I love you all. This past week and a half have been awesome. We are
really starting to see a lot of success in our areas. The work is
really moving forward. We have someone that we are working with named
Isaac. He is planning on getting baptized November 21st. He came with
us to a baptism on Saturday and truly loved it. He was crying during
parts of it. He seems to be doing pretty good.

Also we met with Rick this week. We had our WML Brother Knight come
with us to that. It went so good. He is doing amazing. He is reading
the book of mormon and knows it to be true. He is so prepared. We
talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. It went so good. He
has had so many experiences that have testified to him that Christ is
real. He worked a lot with Homeless people down in Tucson and has
learned a lot from them. It seems that those who don't have much and
are truly humble they are the ones who truly know Jesus. They have no
where else to turn to. Truly Inspirational.

Well I have a new companion now. I am training again. My Trainees name
is Elder Warren and he is from Indiana. He is pretty awesome. A little
bit goofy. He loves Taco Bell so much though. He worked there for 3
years. I think he loves it more then I do. HAHA! It is pretty funny!

I heard about how everyone is condemning the church on the recent
policy change. Our mission presidents wife was really amazing
yesterday talking about it to us during transfer meetings. She
compared it to Nehor in Alma 1. How Nehor was condemning the church
and things because he wanted to get popularity. Then she talked about
what the people did in response. They strengthened themselves and
shared the gospel and went to church. These are all things that we
need to do. I love how our church never changes doctrine or sin to
conform to the popularity of the world. That is how you can know we
are in christ church. Because it is not a changing church, but it is a
living church. As she was talking I kept thinking how now the line is
being drawn even more definitely. That there really is no more gray
any more. It is black and white. Even the most elect are being
deceived. It is a crazy world, but we can make it through on the
basics and really striving to perfect the basics. Our mission
president shared an amazing insight yesterday about this new policy
and how we can respond to those who oppose this decision. He related
it to the plan of salvation. Yes this policy is not fair in this life
time or This earth life that we are living because people don't have
an eternal perspective. We knew our heavenly father before we came
here and we saw the relationship he and our heavenly mother had. We
wanted that. It was a eternal perspective. After this life God wont
honor any marriage that is not in the temple and is not between a man
and a women. That is the way it was before this earth was, that is the
way it is now and that is the way it will be after this life. Elder
Christofferson spoke about how the church cannot deceive. It doesn't
help anyone to deceive. If God wont accept Gay marriage on the other
side why would christ church accept it on this side. That is deception
and will help no one. They really helped build my testimony of the
gospel and modern revelation.

Well I love you all. Keep going strong.
Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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