Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Update - 10/26/2015

Hey Everybody,

This has been a busy week. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with an
Elder in my district. It went pretty good. We saw so many miracles
there. We had a lot of people ask us some hard questions and through
the spirit we were able to answer them flawlessly.

On Thursday we had Interviews with President as well we had District
meeting. I love Interviews because it is just a time, one on one, with
President and we can just talk. He is such an inspired man. One thing
that we are focusing on in our mission is aligning the keys. So he
help us know of how we can align keys with our bishop and stake

Saturday we had a priesthood leadership session and adult session of
Stake Conference. In both those sessions they talked about the
importance of councils in the Church whether they be family or ward
councils. They then talked about how in these councils we should make
plans to accomplish things. We shouldn't just talk.

President Shumway (Stake President) Gave everyone 4 principles of
effective planning. He received all these points from the Church

1. Plan with purpose and with a purpose
2. Plan well in Advance
3. Involve Others (Especially the Youth)
4. Communicate the plans and give clear Direction.

Planning is really so important because that is what leads us to
actually doing. It is one thing to talk about people in Family or Ward
Councils. It is another to actually plan for people.

On Sunday, we had the last session of Stake Conference. One thing that
stuck out to me from it was something President Shumway called
Brutiful. It is not a real word, but he said it means the brutal
things we go through in order to become the beautiful person our
heavenly father knows we can become. The whole conference was so
awesome. President and Sister Sweeney (Mission President and Wife)
where there as well. They talked about how missionary work is easy and
shared some stories from their own life.

It was such a great week and is getting colder each day. They say it
will be a bad winter here with lots of snow. I am looking forward to

Well, I love you all. Stay safe. Stay faithful.
Elder Kennedy
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N. 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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