Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekly update - Week 44

Hey Everybody, 

Things are going pretty good here in Taylor. The work is kinda slow here, but with the Lords help we can start to pick it up and meeting the people that the Lord has prepared. This whole week has been going around and meeting Ward Leaders. They have given us some names to go by so we are trying to stop by all of them. Saturday I was able to go back to Eagar, AZ for a few hours to see someone get baptized that I have been working with ever since I got there. The family is the Taylor family and their daughter Summer got baptized Saturday. Hopefully the family can use this opportunity to make the steps back to church and hopefully one day go to the temple. They are a super fantastic family. 

Hope all is well with yall. If any of you have not been to the website 
I would suggest that you go and also to share it with all your friends. This website helps us focus on the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus Christ our Savior.
Love you all. If you want to send letters this Christmas time to me send it to

PO BOX 901
Taylor, AZ 85939
Elder Kennedy

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