Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekly Update - Merry Christmas

ey Everybody, 

Hope you all had a Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

This was kind of a slow week, but we can still see the hand of the Lord in our missionary efforts. We should be picking up a new YSA investigator today. So that is super exciting. We were able to do the Cookie Finding activity with a the High Priest Group Leader in 4th ward. We were able to have them make cookies and we were able to deliver them to some of there non member friends on Christmas. We were just on overdrive with sharing the He is the Gift Video since the Christmas season is almost over. Just tried to share it with everyone: Active, Less Active, Non members. Just trying to get it to everyone. It was definitely a great tool in our missionary efforts. 

Got to Skype my family this week. So awesome to see and hear all of you!!!!
Christmas was just fantastic. Got a lot of things that I needed, but its not about the presents its about the real gift which is Jesus Christ.  
Well I hope all is going well with yall. Love y'all.  

Elder Kennedy

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