Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Showing Faith

Hey Everybody,

This week has been pretty cray cray. We have been trying to show faith as we go out and find those that are prepared for the gospel. I am trying to open my mouth more when talking to others about the gospel and just being bold as well. Often we beat around problems or just assume things but when you ask those you talk to direct questions then you will find out if they are truly searching for the true gospel or whether they are not prepared at this time.
There is a book that I want everyone to read that really is changing my perspective of missionary work. Its called "The Power of Everyday Missionaries". We got permission from our mission president to read it and one of our ward council is reading it together. It really shows the importance of members of bringing this Gospel to all the world. The members are an essential role in sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel shouldn't be a challenge but should just be a part of our everyday life. READ THE BOOK. IT WILL HELP YALL.
This upcoming weekend we get to go on the Trek that they are having down here. It is definitely going to be exciting. The Trek that they do here is one of the first Treks ever done by the church. They say it is probably going to be the hardest Trek ever done. Whoot whoot. Our Mission President is letting us go because there are going to be a lot In actives and Nonmembers going so it will be a great missionary opportunity.
Today we are going to a members house and branding cattle. This is going to be interesting.
Well have a great week everyone.

Love Yall,
Elder Kennedy

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