Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Update - May 18, 2015

Hey Everybody,

This has been a pretty awesome week. 

Monday we had a zone activity in Heber at a place called the Legacy Lodge. It is pretty much a huge place about 20 minutes outside of Heber. I think the owner of Skymall owns this place as well. It had a huge movie theater room, pool tables, ping pong and pretty much anything else you could want. It was so fun! That night we had a lesson with Brooke. She is a young girl that we are teaching that is a foster daughter to a Less active in that ward. We went over the Restoration with her. It went so well. At the end of the lesson we had her pray. It was probably one of the most honest prayers I have heard. It really did come straight from her heart. We are meeting with her again on Thursday so hopefully we can set her on date for baptism then. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with the Drake family. The parents are planning on being baptized on June 6th, 2015. They are so excited about their baptismal date and have invited a lot of people to come. We went over the Priesthood and Auxiliaries with them. Then we went over the Joseph Smith story again with them. They had some questions about it that we were able to answer. We got haircuts that night as well so now we look super awesome. 

On Thursday we had a lot of service. In the morning we were able to help Brother Tyler on his farm and plant some Blue Corn with him. It was super awesome. I am pretty much a professional now. Just Kidding. Then Sister Tyler made us some amazing sandwiches. Later on Thursday we helped one of our investigators pack up his trailer because they are going to be moving to the mountains for a couple weeks. He says that he is doing this so he can study the word more and quit smoking. Whatever helps I guess. They do want to be baptized. They jsut need to give up a few habits. He says they will Thursday night we had a lesson with Hunter Johnson. We taught the Plan of Salvation and we were able to help him choose a baptismal date. He wants to be baptized on July 4th, 2015. Super Awesome. He is so ready. 

Friday we were able to help with a service project for a less active member. We helped him pick up his super heavy wood stove and move it. Super Heavy. Then we had weekly planning Friday as well.  

Saturday we were able to contact a couple referrals. Then we had a lesson that night with a less active family who wants to gain a greater testimony of the Gospel. 

Sunday we had church from 7:30am to 5pm. We were able to give a blessing to someone we worked with in the YSA. He had hurt his ankle really bad. We gave him a blessing to help him heal. Well this morning he texted us and said that his ankle had decreased in swelling that he could actually climb up a ladder without it hurting and that he is going to be able to go to work now. IT WAS A MIRACLE. The Priesthood power is real and God really does look out for his children.  

Side note. We are getting Ipads on Thursday. So excited. 

Elder Kennedy

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