Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Update

Hey everyone,

The Monsoons (huge rain storms) are here! It has rained every single day this past week. We have been to snowflake twice this week ( about an hour drive ) for an zone activity and another time so Elder Clark could go to the temple to see his recent convert get endowed and sealed. Its has just been a busy week. A lot going on and a lot of progress.
We went on exchanges with the zone leaders Tuesday and went on exchanges with Elder Greenhalgh and Orr.

We had to give talks this week on Hastening the work. 

The 3 things I Said that we as missionaries could do to help further the work is to 
1. Become converted yourself - focused on making the temple a priority so that your can be spiritually prepared to find those that are searching for the Gospel. 
2. Set a specific date to find someone for the missionaries to teach - almost like making a coventant with God that you will talk to everyone you meet about hearing about the restored gospel and God will promise to put someone in your path that is prepared to hear it. 
3. Become a ward that God can trust - Centered this around Love. when we have love then those who are new or less active will feel that love and want to come back. 

I shared a lot of stories from the book The Power of Everyday Missionaries. This book really did change my view on missionary work and what we can do as members to fulfill our role. The members are full time finders the missionaries are full time teachers.

Hope everyone is doing alright. Hope to hear from yall soon! 

Elder Kennedy

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