Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short Week

Hey Everyone,

Things are going pretty good this week. Not a whole lot of teaching going on right now, but we have been in the finding process right now. One big thing that I have felt and also what one of our ward missionaries has said is that these wards are in need of a lot of Less Active Work. As I was reading the book The Power of Everyday Missionaries there was a section that really stuck out to me and to our bishop as well. It was about how we need to be a ward that God can trust his children with. I believe this happens as we start caring for those children in the ward that are less active or inactive. We need to take care of the sheep that are already apart of our fold before God will trust us with more of his sheep.

I hope that this is what God wants us to do in this area. That as we start to bring his children back again into the fold that God may trust these wards with more of his children.
Keep up the good work everyone!
Elder Kennedy

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