Monday, June 16, 2014

Pretty awesome week!

Hey Everybody,

This has been a pretty awesome week.
We had zone conference on Wednesday which the mission president comes to and teaches us how to be better missionaries. That was a very inspiring lesson which was about distractions that may be keeping us from missionary work.
After zone conference we were able to go to the Snowflake temple. Man do I love going to the temple! There is just a peace there that you cant get anywhere else. That was the highlight of the week.

We are starting to have a little bit more success in this area. We were able to go out with our bishop twice this week and were able to get in some homes that we were not able to before. We are working hard.

We also had the opportunity yesterday to give talks in one of our wards. I was asked to give it on President Uchtdorfs  talk in the last General Conference called "Are you Sleeping through the Restoration". I always get so nervous before a talk, but I say a prayer right before and then I know that God will help me as I have prepared the best I can. I hope that I did good and that it may have helped at least One person out.

Well I hope everything is going alright!

Love Elder Kennedy

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