Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Second week in the mission field has begun!

Hey everybody!!

Second week in the mission field has begun! 

I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with the area right now! I was able to teach my first lesson last night! She just wants to be apart of the church for the welfare so it is probably not going to go anywhere but whatever... good practice! Do you remember Joe from my last letter? He was just baptized two weeks ago! Well he doesnt work or have really any money! He has problems with his back! Well he came with us to teach her and he said he felt so sorry for her! He said I know were she is coming from! I feel sorry for her! I am going to go tomorrow and buy here a food box! So he did and when he brought it over to her he said she started crying! Joe is a wonderful example of Jesus Christ! He cares so much for people and really shows how a deciple of christ is! Joe just got a calling from the church to be a home teacher! He was so excited for that! We can learn alot from joe because he loves to serve people and really empersenates what a christ like person should be! He has so many challenges of his own but doesnt complain when he is asked to do hard things! He does it with a smile on his face!

My companion and I are going to go down to Old Town Scottsdale today and then later go play tennis at Brother Maughans ( The billionaire) house! His house is so dang big! When we were over there the other night for dinner we were able to see all his collections of things that he has collected over the years! He has a huge mayan calender in his living room! He has a 500000 dollar car that we were able to sit in! All in all he is wealthy! He pays like 2 million dollars in tithing a month! He said he was going to go and by the Noahs Ark Instructions thing that they just found! 

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