Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1st few days in the mission field‏

Hey everybody!

Made it to Scottsdale, Arizona! I am in the Mountain Shadows Ward which is in Scottsdale Arizona! 
I am in a car section of my mission so i don't need a bike right now! So happy about that! Elder Jackson is my companion and he is from Rexburg, Idaho! He says he has the back of a 50 year old man so that is why we have a car! Score! He looks a lot like Jordan Wiemer! Which is kinda cool! 

Yesterday I was able to meet with some pretty amazing people! We meet with 2 Recent Converts Ricky and Joe! They both are so amazing! With Ricky we were able to watch a Mormon Message! It was funny because we were just going over to introduce ourselves and he is like "so are we going to watch a video or something" I thought it was so cool that he just automatically wants to watch a video and discuss it!

Joe is way awesome too! He is a little bit special but has a sweet spirit about him! He calls us his brothers! He got a phone call in the middle of us visiting him and he said "I cant talk right now ... I am with my brothers! No not my real brothers but my church brothers!" He has a sweet spirit about him and is way awesome! We were able to help him with some things and he made a CD for us! He is a really really kind person!

I was able to meet with alot of the ward missionaries!

We were able to eat dinner with Brother Owens last night! His wife had to work but he is way awesome! I think Mom would have liked his apartment because it is very stylish!

Tonight we are eating dinner with a billionaire! I think his name is Brother Mone! He is the owner of BYUtv!

This is a really humbling experience! I feel like I know nothing, so i am just going with the motions right now! Hopefully I can start to pick this missionary thing up! I am learning a lot though! 

Love you guys!
Keep me in your Prayers!
Elder Kennedy!

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  1. He also gave away a Book of Mormon on his first day,